Everyone loves to shop! Going to stores with friends or loved ones to find that special gift, or reward yourself with something you have been wanting. It’s that special feeling to walk along, with loads of bags, in all different colors and shapes that make you feel good!

But, with the internet, much has changed. Shopping for our hearts desires requires much less driving, walking, and carrying all those great bags!  Maneuvering the wonderful choices of stores and products is just as fun as strolling the malls. 

My name is Nancy Joy, and I have been in the service retail field for many years selling on Etsy and Ebay, both with perfect records. Please visit Nancy Joy O’Connor on Etsy and nancy8278 on Ebay for excellent feedbacks. I will be offering one unique and valued-filled item at a time and urge folks to check with me often for the next new gem. I am very dedicated and committed to customer care and want to disclose that, with all the suppliers in the world, sometimes shipping can take up to two weeks for delivery. I will work with them to expedite on your behalf always. Enjoy your visit at my site, and let me know if you need me for anything!



Nancy Joy