Sporty, durable, safe, waterproof yellow pet goggles
Sporty, durable, waterproof, and pretty in pink dog goggles.
Sporty, durable, safe, and waterproof black dog googles.
Sporty, durable, safe, waterproof multi-colors dog goggles

Pet dog UV goggles eye wear by Vevins

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Imagine your best loving friend being protected from wind, water, and debris while traveling, in whatever mode your baby is moving. This fun, yet functional design, has a wider nose bridge, deeper lens cups, and sturdier frames than other brands.
Protection & prevention are key to healthy eyes with padded lenses, foam cushioned frames, adjustable double strap for snug fit, and are vet recommended.
Measurements: Adjustable back strap is 9”x16” and adjustable CHIN strap is 7”x 12”. Adjustable head and chin straps are for small and medium pets.
Colors: Black, white, blue, yellow, red, and pink